Daily 5–10 minute practices to boost your resilience

Because even though it’s almost over, something tells me it isn’t dying anytime soon (though we can certainly learn something from those obnoxiously resilient undead creatures).

I’ve tried shutting the TV, deleting my news apps, and finally deleting some high-school friends on Facebook. But at this point, it seems the…

Why do we save all our thanks for Thanksgiving?

Image from Confidently, designed by @katherinewright47

Picture this: it’s Thanksgiving and despite being 35 and fully employed, you’re sitting at the kids’ table again. But then, over the Macy’s Day Parade rerun, you hear Aunt Lydia repeatedly steering the conversation toward politics and voices rising. Suddenly, your seat doesn’t seem so bad. …

Plus: the science of how gratitude affects your brain.

The word gratitude comes from the Latin root “gratus,” which means “thankful” or “pleasing.”

So the meaning of gratitude is to be thankful for the pleasing things that happen to us. When we understand what the word means on a root level, it helps us understand some ways to express it in our everyday lives.

In that vein, if we were asked to name…

Use performance journaling like a genius

Travel with us to a sunny Italian morning in the 15th century, as we peek into a day in the life of a young Leonardo da Vinci. He’s scratching furiously on dirt-smudged paper, recording his thoughts:

“Dear Journal. Today I showed Master Verrocchio the renderings of my latest invention called…

Many of our greatest motivational quotes went through some…rough drafts first.

Motivational quotes! Gotta love ‘em.

Are some of them cheesy as hell? You’re damn right they are. Like carnival pizza or nachos.

But every now and then, the right turn of phrase activates something inside of us — a little voice that springs up in times of adversity to say:

“You can be great.”


The science of how breathing helps — and how to do it.

Do you have a favorite athlete who seems to thrive under pressure?

No matter how much is on the line, they manage to make it happen.

One of the things you’re admiring in them is their mental toughness.

But when we describe an elite athlete as “mentally tough,” we’re often referring to one specific element of their high-performance mindset — their ability…


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